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PRZEZDZIECKI Aleksander - Podolia, Volhynia, Ukraine. Images of places and times [set of 2 volumes in 1 volume] [first edition Vilnius 1841] [TABLE COMPLETE].

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Vilnius 1841. edition and printing by Theophilus Glücksberg. 13.5x22.5 cm, pp. (6), 212, (1), 157, (1) [set of 2 volumes in 1 volume], black and white engraving before pre-title page, black and white plates (set), half-leather bookbinding, superexpress with heraldic motif at bottom of spine. Good condition (Zygmunt Nałęcz's ownership entry on the title page, minor rubbing of the binding, russeting of the pages).

First edition. The aftermath of a trip made in 1839 by Aleksander hr. Przezdziecki (1814-1871) - writer, historian, collector. Visiting Podolia and Volhynia, he created a tale of both ancient and modern times, telling of, among others, Wiśniowiec, Kamieniec Podolski, Szpanow, Nevirkov, Yarmolinets, Makow, Braclaw, Vinnitsa and many other places.

"In 1839, by order of the Government, I traveled through Volhynia and Podolia, for the purpose of collecting material for the statistics of these countries. With my own eyes, and carefully, I was able to look at everything. The public and church archives stood open to me. Thanks to the kindness of some relatives and friends, I was able to look through private libraries and family archives. Let me mention the names of the Counts Chodkiewicz, Potocki, Mniszek, Olizar, the Princes Lubomirski, Jabłonowski, Radziwill, Sanguszko, whose collections I looked through. And so, from a variety of sources, my work was created; therefore, it must bear on itself the feature of variety. It will not be a journey, nor a continuous description, but a collection of detached images, from different places and times. It will alternate between a novel of past ages, arranged from the scraps of some archive, and scenes from the present; a description of the beauties or monuments of art, and the memories and traditions associated with them." [from the introduction].

On the plates:

  1. Facsimile of a Lithuanian-Ruthenian diplomat's document from 1375.
  2. Facsimile of a Latin-Polish document from 1235, containing the granting of the Błonie estate to the Wąchocki monastery.
  3. Facsimiles of the signatures of the reigning monks.
  4. Facsimiles of signatures of great hetmans and chancellors.
  5. Facsimiles of signatures of learned men.

13th Quadriga Antiquarian Auction [Books, posters, postcards, photography, graphics, documents].
16 June, 18:00 CEST/Warsaw
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Antykwariat Kwadryga

13th Quadriga Antiquarian Auction [Books, posters, postcards, photography, graphics, documents].
Sunday, 16 June, 18:00 CEST/Warsaw
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